Boots and Her Buddies

While boots are often practical, safe, they are also worn simply for their look as well.Boots aren’t just something we wear on our feet. Boots is often a fun name that is used as a nickname. It is also a name that was used for a character in the very famous comic strip dating back to 1924 that ran up until 1969. The original name of the comic strip was Boots and her Buddies but this was often shortened to just “boots”.

The character known as Boots in this newspaper comic strip was extremely popular during its time of running. She was often referred to as not only the Sweetheart of Comics but often was dubbed the Sweetheart of America.

When one looks back at the concept behind the character of boots she was depicted as a very attractive young lady that would definitely be fashion conscious which makes the name of Boots most appropriate when you consider these in their fashion mode. While the cartoon itself of course always had a funny story to it the plots always had a subdued factor of fashion which would be most applicable to a character such as Boots.

It is most intriguing to see how a fictitious character like Boots can have such an impact on fashion in the real world. When Boots got a new hairstyle called the Boots Bob it became a national favorite hairstyle among the hairdressers.

When the run of the Boots comic strip ended the character was further depicted in a book called the Boots and the Mystery of the Unlucky Vase.

This story is meant to take a look at the fashion take on Boots and how they play such an important role in the fashion industry and are immediately linked as being an important segment of the fashion attire.

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